Statistics show that homes void of furnishings, textiles and accessories do not resonate with buyers for the following four reasons.


1. Buyers cannot envision themselves living in the space. Unfinished spaces require a buyer’s imagination to see how they might “fit” in the home.

2. Buyers may have difficulties discerning the room sizes which is crucial to home sales. Studies show that most people have challenges with scale and depth perception. Translated, buyers see the rooms much smaller than they are, and that may instantly turn them off.

3. It takes the average buyer 15 seconds to determine if they “like” a space or not, so those first impressions are key to their initial emotional investment into a home.

4. Lastly, it is also about perception. Buyers often feel that if a house is unfurnished, the seller is more desperate to sell, therefore willing to accept a lower price.


Our full-service package addresses all these challenges by merchandising every space. We will completely furnish and fully merchandise the home to sell with bedding/pillows, draperies, general lighting, artwork, greenery and accessories. On average, a fully furnished, well-designed and harmonious home will sell 51% faster than an empty home or spec home.



With our Focused Location Modeling, we will strategically merchandise essential areas such as the main living/family area, master suite, kitchen with adjacent breakfast room and baths. This may include the removal of existing furniture pieces, replacing them with more suitable furnishings to appeal to a wider range of buyers, neutralizing the design.




Soft Staging involves the removal and packing of existing “soft” decor such as bedding and pillows, draperies, accessories, lighting and artwork for storage. Then replacing these personal goods with merchandise more universally friendly. Existing furniture will not be removed, however recommendations will be made based on existing conditions.




The Ambitious Seller option is for the Do-It-Yourselfer who just needs guidance on where to start and what to do. This is for the seller, even the realtor who has the time and talent to get the job done with a simple list of things to do and buy. We will consult for three hours in the home, and subsequently provide a conceptual design, and two lists. The first list is a task list which will typically involve decluttering, paint options, around-the-house repairs, and recommendations based upon our examination of the home. The second list will be a shopping list of suggested purchases to be made with a broad-spectrum budget so that the seller can create a simple, cohesive saleable home! We will provide trade references as necessary.




We still love to inspire new homeowners! Once they buy a home, we’d love to help them find THEIR voice within it. Full service residential design is the option for some. Whatever their current design aesthetic, we will help them achieve their design goals in their new home, whether that be the renovation of a space here or there, or new furnishings to fit their new rooms, or a brand new nursery for expecting parents. The sky is the limit.




This option is similar to the Seller’s Ambition option, but instead it is for the new homeowner that needs the guidance and has the time and talent to do a lot of the work themselves. We will consult with our homeowners and create a full-scale design plan, complete with furniture layouts, color stories, elevation drawings and a full conceptual shopping list of suggested merchandise.




Consult with us for a Color Concept consultation. This consultation includes a two-hour assessment of the home and interview with our client. Subsequently, we will provide a color theory presentation complete with recommendations of paint colors (and preferred companies and finishes), new tile suggestions, wallcovering or artistic wall treatments, trim carpentry suggestions (all where applicable).

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